Hi peeps !!


The study week has come !! errrr..

Supposedly, I become like this during the study week…



this is what I’ve been doing ,.

A two year old boy watching children's tv on laptop

ya..this one..

watching movie..hahah (but I will make sure before I start watching any movie, I will read or revise something..So watching movie is a reward for myself..:P)

I found that, study week in University had much different compared to what I’ve went through during my Matriculation. In matriculation, there is no time to just sit at the room, watching movies and do nothing for the whole day.  During study week, we’ll go to the Cubic ( lecturer’s room) and consult them regarding the past year’s questions and the time was well spent by doing revision. But in university..we did not do that! I am just having fun all the time, watching movies, eating.. errr eating ?? ya..I ate a lot during study week here because there’s nothing else we can do when we just sit in the room while studying. I tend to and eat..and now I’m getting fat. But I just doing this for a day..not for the whole week.. What I want to tell here is, it is hard to get the mood to start study..maybe because there is a lot of temptation here..heheh

For this course.. I did some revision on past year question. Basically, the question is more to what we had done in the class before. I think we should know well about the Web 2.0 application because we are using them through out the class. So we must explore and know everything about the application or software that we have been using before.

Besides that, my classmates do share some notes which they get form the other courses and the other notes we get form Dr. Rosseni’s blog. So we downloaded it. Hopefully, the question that will be come out this Monday ( 6 January 2014) had not much different compared to past year question.

and I think that’s all for this entry..

Am wishing all the best for the upcoming paper !





Seize the day ! ehh

Hi !

Since last week is not the real EduTechovation Day, so we have to be ready for the real one which is on Friday (20th December 2013).

Last week, I’m a bit disappointed because, the presentation doesn’t goes well. Just a bit. Overall, the presentation is okay but maybe because my expectation towards this course is high, so when the tiny problem has come out, I am a bit sad. But after receiving comments from Dr. it somehow boost my motivation and confidence. First, Dr. gives comment on our video, then she commenting on our poster. Before we print out the poster, we did post all the drafts on Facebook group but maybe Dr. is not there at that time, so she comments a bit late and we decided to just print out one out of the four posters. But then, she said that she loves the bottle one because this poster can convey our message on nature. So, we print it out.


A few days before EduTechnovation Day, Kak Ana is aking for a volunteer to create an invitation card to invite the lecturers. Hmmm, since this week is a final week, so everyone is busy with assignments and presentation. So, no one wants to be a volunteer. After a few minutes, Kak Ana announced that each groups should create at least one card, then Kak Ana and Dr. will choose one out of six. Me and Amirah create one card and sent it to Dr. and Kak Ana. Actually we didn’t expect anything because we bet that ours will be the simplest card compared to other groups.

And guess what………….

We are the winner! Kak Ana and Dr. has chose our card. So we have to print it out and invite the lecturers and the staffs..

invitation card
This is our invitation card ( credit to Miss Syakirah Syamimi 🙂 )

Me and Amirah spent some time to invite all of the lecturers but most of them are not around and if we just put the card there it seems improper so we asked Kak Ana about another option to invite those guests. Kak Ana told us why don’t we just send an email to them, so I agree with that because it is the simplest way since we didn’t have much time to meet all of them. That night, with the help from Kak Ana, I tried to search for their emails and invite them and am waiting for their response. Only Dr. Norazah replied my email and said sorry because she cannot join us for our EduTechnovation Day but she did wish us all the best. 🙂


The most awaited day has come… yeayyyy !!

There is nothing much we prepare for this day as we already completed our video and presented the produced video last week. So for this week, we just need to present the video (again) and make the presentation as short as possible because we are running out of time.

Everything that happens last week has been recorded here

Thanks for the seniors who had come to our event. We really appreciate it. 🙂

Ha ! Finally, this week we had a chance to watch Ain’s video. Her produced video is about Unity. In her video, she use an approaches where she interviewed the people at the shopping mall, randomly. I found that the video is interesting and I like the way the cameraman use the angle to capture her video (emmm..seems like I can become a movie critics after this…heheh). But there is one problem with that video which the audio is not very good. We cannot hear the conversation clearly.

Hmm I think that’s all..

Okay wait.. with this I include my 1 Minute Pitch Video.. 🙂

Okay I just know that there is a button where we can change the brightness of the video..hahha that’s why my previous video (introductory video) is too bright because I don’t know how to change it..miahahha

*There are many things that I experienced for the first time while learning this course. Especially about producing the video. At first I didn’t interested at all in doing the video because I feels that our idea or theme is not as interesting as the other group. But, as time passes, I enjoy doing it and just doing it as pleasure. We also change the concept last minute. (typography –> vlog+acting+a bit of typography) After producing the video, what I can say is..good job to my group member and thanks for giving full cooperation to finish the video. I really like the video and feels like there are a lot of new things that I learn though out the process of making the video. Learn to be patient, learn to accept other people’s work, learn how to manage time well and many more which I can’t tell here because it’s too many..ehhe It is a good achievement. 🙂

and this one is my Introductory Video..

That’s all for this entry ^_^

See you againnn ~~~

Mini EduTechnovation Day !

Holla !

Its a big day for us. After 13 week of hard work, the time has come for us to present our video production.

Today ( 13th December 2013 )
Me and Nuramirah come early to the Faculty as we had something to prepare for the presentation. That day, Nuramirah is the one who in charge of story board. She need to add something on the story board and decorate it. Since Min is busy at that time, so I will take over her role as an editor for a while and check the video for the last time before we present it. I am a bit nervous at that time because we had not practice for the presentation yet. Because of that, we try to come early so that we can relax a bit.

As the presentation starts a bit late, so we decided to practice our part outside of the class. By doing this, my nervous starts to fade out slowly. We are waiting for Dr. Rosseni to come then we will start the presentation.


Now, the time has come !
Mr. Helmi ask us which group will present first, then everyone refuse to be the first group. To be fair, we decided to make a lucky draw, and we are the 2nd group.. yeayyy!! Lucky we didnt get the first one. or else everyone will be laughing at us..hahahah

1st Group : Ladies Production.

This group is making a video about Jawi : Warisan yang Semakin Dilupakan
I found that this group has its own strength. They are trying to make the video as interesting as they can so that the message they want to convey can affect the audience. Besides that, it is about Jawi script which are not been using by the community nowadays, so it is hard for them to make sure that by watching their video, the audience aware about our heritage. Besides that, they shot the video at Taman Botani, Putrajaya and I am really jealous with them..hahha

2nd Group : Triple N, Single I

It is our group ! I am the one who is doing the intro part. When I am already in the mood, suddenly Mr. Fuad came and said that we have to stop for a while because we need to vote for previous group presentation by using the ticker. Okay, done with that voting session. Now, we proceed with our presentation. Our video is about nature. The title of our video is Nature R’ Us. Basically, our video is about to create awareness among Malaysian who are not concern about the condition of the earth. They throw rubbish everywhere and keep on using plastics although they already know that plastics are not dispossable. This has make the earth is dying. We know that the video we make is not really giving impact to the audience but we really hope that we can lessen the usage of plastic bags. 🙂 A small action can lead to big changes !

3rd Group : GG Creation

This group is making a video about a Heart Donation. Their tagline is “Have a Heart, Give a Part”. Okay actually, me and Amirah has come out in this video as an extra actress..hehe In this video, they are using stop motion and combine it with acting. I found that it is interesting to watch and they can deliver the message well.

4th Group : Minion Production

If I not mistaken, this group shows the video about Mother. This video is a bit touching and makes me missing my mom because I have not coming home for quite a long time. This video is about to show how the daughter treats her mother. She let her mom alone and put her at the old folks home. As for me, I once visiting the old folks home before and I found that it is sad to see those parents staying there although they have many friends around them. But still, I cannot brain it, why are they sending their parents there even thought they are capable in term of money and so forth. How can they see their parents staying at that house, whereas they are living happily with their family, but their parents are not. They should reflect and think back how their parents has raised them till they have become a successful person but then they still cannot taking care of their own parents as well as the parents has did before. *Feels like wanna go home right now :(* So we should realise our role as a children is to take care of them and repay their kindness as they are facing a great difficulties, pains in raising us.

5th Group : Chaos Production

This is the only group that is consist of a guy. The tittle of their produced video is “Love In Barakah”. This video starts with a narrator who talk about the good and the bad side of relationship between a girl and a boy who are not married yet. They are trying to say that, we should prevent ourselves form meeting with a guy, alone. We should have accompany because when there are only the two of us (a girl and a boy), there will be the third party which is “syaitan”. So, we must know how to take care of ourselves. Especially a girl. Do not let our mind control us, we are the one who should control our mind.

6th Group : Diva Production

“One Step Closer”. The tagline is like a song..hehe The video is produced to give tips to all the candidates who are going for an interview. They have come out with the idea when they see that do some of the candidate who are going for an interview are not taking care of their appearance. We should know that our appearance usually give a first impression to people. So, we must wear a suitable outfits when going for an interview. Besides to make us looks proper, the outfits can also boost our confidence :). So for those who are going for an interview and still dont know what should and shoulnt be wear on that day. I recommend you to watch this video…

7th Group : Bananana Production

“If you are ready come and get na na na na na naaa..hahah okay it has nothing to do with this group okay.. Ha ! one word to say.. impressed ! I really impressed with their group work and really like their video. Actually, I loves the voice of the narrator, that is why I love the whole story..hehe It’s Ajeerah. Once the narrator talk, I already can guess who’s voice is that. She own such a beautiful voice and enchanted all of us. With their topic “Obesity”, they have tell the story about a two girls (one is fat and the other one is skinny).

8th Group : Ain

It is not a group actually, she is doing it individually. We are waiting for her appearance but she didnt come out..emm so sad 😦

After we end our presentation, Dr. Rosseni give comments for each groups. Dr. also comments on our poster. then we realise that it is just a Mini EduTechnovation Day. Our actual big day is next week (20th December 2013)…arghhhh So we have time to improve our video and a


Okay thats all peeps !

#week 12

Hi everyone…

Hmmm.. Dr. Rosseni was getting mad ! *ok, lari masuk bilik*


Dr. was really frustrated with our work, especially about the individual blog. Dr. and Kak Ana has graded our blog and they found that the highest mark that they can gave us is only 10/30..and I was like..what ?? *ok, lari masuk bilik lagi*

Then, Dr. said that she will give us another chance to elevate our marks. So we have to do our very best on our reflection from now till the exam week. Yeayyyy ! 🙂 Thanks a lot Dr. ! and also a big thanks to Kak Ana, Mr. Helmi, Bro Fuad and other Teaching Assistance 🙂 I am very glad to have all of them as my lectures.

Dr. also brief us about what we have to do next. After hearing and looking at the white board about the milestones I honestly has no feeling because there are so many things to do plus we also has another assignments, report and presentation to be done this week. But this is actually a REWARD for you Zati, for postponing your work !! yeahh ! ermm okay stop… Procrastination and doing last minutes work is my habits 🙂

 “barulah true TESLians bila esok dateline malam ni baru nak start buat”
-Senior Ku Azrie-
UntitledThe Milestones, thanks to Miss @Nurjannah

Okay, this is the milestone for what we have to do starting today. Next week, we will be having an Edutecnovation Day which we will be presenting our video and poster. I am a bit scared because it is a big day for us ! All our work and effort will be presented on that day. So there are many things we should prepare for that day. I once told Min that, why can’t we decorate our board since every group will be given a board each. Then, someone has asked Kak Ana about the poster and flyers. Is it any bonus marks for it ? Then Kak Ana said that absolutely yes ! There must be a bonus for us but she cannot tell us based on what we can get the bonus marks. So just do as best as we can 🙂

Editing Process

While editing the videos, we actually having a problem with some scenes. Especially the one that we record at the Pusanika. So Min told me how if we try to re-shot and I said okay because it do not takes a long time to shot that part. So we stayed at PTSL again.. and shot the third and fourth scene.

Although it is a bit tiring but we manage to spend some time to re-shot the video. Before this, we just record the video using a phone and for the second shot, we have a camera and a tripod ! Thanks to Min’s brother and our Senior, Fahmi Masrom for lending us those stuff.

Camerawoman / Videographer

Being a camerawoman is actually exciting because we need to use our creativity and skills to capture and record a good video. I suddenly become addicted with a camera. When using a phone, there is not so many movement I can do because I need to be as static as I could to avoid the video from swaying. I really love it when we manage to get a tripod and I can do a pan movement. I really wish I own a DSLR right now so I can do many things to make the video become more interesting such as close-up shot, zooming and etc…huhhh

I think that all for this entry..
Adios amigos ^_^

Crop, Edit, Cut and Paste

Hi everyone !
and assalamualaikum 😀

Previously, we have done our presentation on video production progress. As for me, I am not very satisfied with that presentation because I am not fully ready to present the video and our progress. One of the reason is lack of rest.. opssss hehehe. Okay lets bygone be bygone, we must focus on the final touch up for the video and so forth.


This week, Mr. Helmi teach us on how to make a poster using Adobe Photoshop. After been using it for a few times, now I can use the software well, and it is actually an interesting software compared to GIMP that I’ve been using before. Okay, I am quite excited to make a poster because i’ve never try this before.

First, we have to pick any pictures to make as a background of the poster. Since I am doing a video about nature, so I pick a background that related to my video..After picking a few related background and pasted it on the canvas on Photoshop, I found that the picture is too small and the image is not too sharp when we stretch it. According to Mr. Helmi, it is because we have chosen a picture that have low resolution. We should choose the bigger one. The bigger the resolution the better..mihahah Because of this problem, we cannot catch up what Mr. helmi taught and I decided to learn and understand how to do it first, only after that i can focus on our real poster.

We have been taught how to add a picture(s) and titles on the poster. This is quite interesting and we should explore it by ourselves to add variation on the poster. The way those pictures and texts presented on the poster are based on our own creativity. The blending option is where we should play with if we want to add those effects.

This is the poster that me and Nuramirah has created.


In this poster, lets focus on the picture in the forest,


We have change the saturation and reduce lighting to the picture to make it a bit gloomy. The small picture overlap is the real one, before being edited. Now we look at the text, “EDUTECHNOVATION DAY!”. In order to get those effect, I have used stroke and a few other option. Its is not too complication and easy to do it.

The most interesting part is inserting the picture to the poster.. Hmm,

 poster-001 poster1

eheheh.. testing..testing….

Okay, now I have master using the magnetic tool to crop the pictures..heheh Mr. Helmi teaches us how to use the blending option to add effect to texts and pictures. I use stroke to add a while line around the pictures. It is on our own creativity whether to make the stroke thicker or thin, for me i like it to be that way. Just nice. Then I add text to the picture..

I really enjoy myself during the class although it is a bit complicated to use the software. But we can develop our creativity by using this software and I really hope that we can learn more about this software..

That’s all ^^
See you next week !

Tweet.. Tweet.. #ge2153

Hi there !

It’s holiday ! *smile brightly*


Its holidays ! Who doesn’t like holiday. All of us like it when it comes to holidays because we can rest at home with the family and go for a vacation. I am a type of person who will be going home every two weeks, but lately I have to stay at the college for quite a long time because we have tons of assignments to be done. So this holiday, I didn’t bring any books home because I really want to rest my mind and spent my quality time with my beloved family. I bet this upcoming week will be a hectic week and I might not be able to go home as often  as before.

As usual, when I’m home, I rarely online because I prefer to play or watching movies with my siblings rather than facing the laptop all the time. So, that week, I want to thank my classmate ( I cant remember between Mellissa or Nuramirah) because she is the one who told me about this group discussion. At first am quite confuse because I thought we are having a discussion on Facebook, after searching, theres nothing there. After that, she told that it is on Twitter..


#ge2153 Integrating technology with classroom practice can be a great way to strengthen engagement among students. Please discuss.

At first, there are only few of us that involved in this discussion because its holidays so many of us do not aware about this discussion. So I sent message to them to let them know about this online discussion and mention them at #ge2153 so they can see it. I starts tweeting using my phone. It is a new experience because before this we had never using Twitter as a medium to discuss with the lecturer and my fellow classmates formally like this. We shared our ideas and Kak Ana reply and gives comments. By doing, it can help us to brainstorm the ideas and share it with others. Since I am using my phone, so Anis Nadirah had shared a few articles regarding this topics to be read and we tweets the info. Apart from that, we can learn new things from the discussion because everyone has different opinion regarding this topics.

twitterKak Ana’s Tweets

Okay wait ! why I can’t view my own tweets at #ge2153 ? only Kak Ana’s tweets can be viewed but it is only few of them. Where can I find those tweets from my classmates. huhhh *fliplappy*

So, I decided to scroll back my tweets on November. Here they are. But I still cannot understand it. Why those tweets been missing !! Hmmm..okay nevermind, I will try to find the solution later.




Aha ! during the discussion, I suddenly caught this..

Panjang  irhamsyahmi  on Twitter
hahah.. Irham said this while we are having a discussion, and its my first time too, Irham !!

Okay, I wanna tell you something. The reason why I create my Twitter account is because, at that time we had an exam *Am not sure whether it’s midsem exam or final exam*  and my classmates are discussing together on Twitter.. each of them will explain about a topic so, if we have not or did not manage to read about certain, we can just get an idea about that topic through Twitter. Since its too late to read from the beginning so I just read what have been discussed and ask them through Twitter then they explained it for me there. By using Twitter we can learn together and discuss many things there.

As for me, Twitter can be a useful for us if we used it in a right way. We also can get many info on Twitter. I think Twitter can be used by the teachers in the future as an educational medium as it is faster than Facebook and it is applicable. I can applied this method to the students in the future because I think in the future, in school, the students might be using a computer. No more textbooks and stuff. So Twitter will be one of the medium to discuss or convey an info to the students..

I’ll see you soon..
Happy holidays 🙂

“regarder des vidéos”

Hola !

Its movie time !

errrr.. movie ? O.o

We are now in a Production Stage, where we have to shot for a video and try to edit it. But before we start shooting, we are are taught how to produce a good video based on certain criteria. So, this week, we spent our time watching a videos. It’s not just watching a video, but we are introduced to a few samples of a good videos in which they use certain technique to record the video . Some of them are from our seniors. From these video, we learn about:

Okay, I wanna share a video form Mat Lutfi. I’ve watched all of his video and there are many things we can learn from that.. The message that he wants to convey is usually related to the current issue and it sometimes give impact to the audience. What I like the most is the way he want to persuade or to catch the audience attention. If he want to advice people, he’s not forcing people but he try another approaches. Overall, he has his own style to convey the message and I really like it..

and this..

-weather we want to use the close-up shot, middle shot or wide shot.
The most important thing is The Rule Of Thirds. Based on this rule, we have to divide the scene/picture to six parts, horizontally and vertically. So, when we want to place an object, we must not place it at the center because it will block the view.

There are three kind of angle in shooting or capturing an image, which are normal angle, high angle and low angle. These aspect should be consider in order to get a good image.

We must be creative in using the camera. The movement of the camera can creates interest in audience. It would be bored if the object looks static in the video, so we can do zoom-in, panning, tilt and so on.

There are many things that we have learnt and hopefully we manage to produce a good one too.

Stay tuned !

“Live as if you…

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


Hi !

hi-hello-2Credit to :

Long time no see…

Okay, for the last few weeks, we are quite busy with programmes and presentation, so I really forgot to update my blog. Now, I manage to steal a few minutes to update about our progress on the video production. Previously, after presenting our storyboard, we met and discuss about the video proposal. So here it is :

Video Proposal

In this proposal, we talk briefly on the purpose of our video and and how it goes. There is also a rough idea on what the actor will be talking about or in short is the script! hhehe.

Posing time ! >.<

2013-10-10 17.16.49

2013-10-09 14.56.192013-10-09 14.58.26

Thats all

Thank you !  ^.^v


Producing a storyboard.

Hi everyone !

Okay, last week we have finalize the topic, which we decided to do about nature. So, based one the brainstorming session, we have come out with few ideas.

For this week, we need to create a storyboard based on what we have planned on the previous class. We are provided with all the materials and given about 1 hours to complete the storyboard. Here how it goes…

1st : We are given a color pens, a pair of scissors,  plasticine, and color papers.

2013-10-04 10.38.55

2nd : We need to present our idea on that piece of board. We try to make it simple but can convey the message that we are going to express.

2013-10-04 11.06.28

3rd : Our storyboard.

2013-10-04 11.27.36

4th : This is my team members. Actually we have four members all together, but Mean cannot join us on that day since she has to attend another program. This picture is taken right after we had finished presenting our storyboard.

2013-10-04 12.04.20

For this entry, i don’t want to tell about the story line yet. So you have to wait. After this, we are going to record a video, and I will try to update our progress form time to time..ehhehe



That’s all for this entry
See you again !


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